Internet use

Statement on internet use for guests of the hotel market, Markt1-2, 56329 St. Goar

Operator is Renata Teresa Marx

I hereby certify, I was informed today that (contrary to data protection, personal rights, copyright or criminal law or third party rights, in particular any use) is not permitted any illegal use of the ready provided by the operator wireless connection;

• ensures in the use of the Internet connection, the (colloquially filesharing, P2P networks) is used only within the legally permissible a possibly existing on the Internet-enabled devices of the guest client software for file sharing and via the Internet of the operator no illegal download or uploading is done or can be done;

• that the use of file-sharing networks (colloquially filesharing, P2P networks) entails the risk that copyright infringement due to illegal downloads or uploads of protected works (movies, music, computer games etc.) are committed, for which the operator could be subject to as a terminal holder of a liability, and may not be used for unlawful use over the wireless connection provided by the operator at disposal for this reason;

• those transferred or placed on knowledge of the operator login information, user IDs and passwords to be kept secret for accessing the Internet and may not be in accordance with the user agreement to any third party without the written consent of the operator • when using the Wi-Fi access is an obligation by other persons, especially minors, they be informed of legally compliant use of the Internet, and in particular the risk of copyright infringement on file-sharing networks (supra) to point • is immediately put at a still taking place infringement of the operators of such requests.

• The guest / user expressly agrees that link data and times are stored. There are no content stored. This logging is used to represent only security in the legal case. Allow the use of a supplied by the operator wireless terminal

1. The operator shall maintain in the object Hotel am Markt, Market 1-2, 56329 St. Goar wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi). It permits the tenant in accordance with the contractual use of the rented property, the use of the internet over the entity owned by the operator WLAN, for the duration of the stay. The operator may, without stating reasons, revoke this permission of use. At any use of the terminal, the operator may immediately prohibit the use and adjust or restrict access to the guest completely or partially or temporarily.

2. The guest is not entitled to any third party without the express written consent of the operator, to enable the use of WLAN

3. Minors accompanied the guest shall be informed of this on the legally permissible uses of the Internet and the dangers of the Internet and the present here agreement. In particular, explicit reference to the risk of copyright infringement on file-sharing networks is (colloquially filesharing, P2P networks) to point and to prohibit their unlawful use.

4. The operator is not responsible for the actual availability and reliable operation of the internet or its suitability for any purpose.

5. The operator is entitled to another person to allow the use of the WLAN connection totally, partially or temporarily, in particular other guests at hotels and restaurants.

6. The objective connection is password, and secured a corresponding prior art the time of purchase of the router encryption. The guest is only entitled to use the access under this access protection and is obliged to treat the access data confidential and not to disclose to third parties or culpably to enable them to access it. The operator is entitled to change the access at any time. The guest is prohibited to make alterations to the access. The guest is also prohibited to make alterations or manipulations made available router.

7. Use of the wireless terminal by the host are managed independently. For the data, unused services charged and incurred legal transactions transmitted via the terminal, take the operator no responsibility or grow it obligations. The guest shall bear all costs associated with the visit paid sites or entering into debt costs incurred as part of its Internet usage.

8. The guest undertakes not to abuse the provided wireless access for unlawful purposes. This includes in particular, but not exclusively: • the infringement of copyrights, in particular through illegal copying, distribution or making available of protected works on the Internet (for example through the use of file-sharing programs, "peer-to-peer networks" or "filesharing")

• The extent of illegal, especially defamatory, harassing, or threatening content or content of banned or unconstitutional organizations or associations

• The sending of mass emails (spam) and / or other forms of illegal advertising

9. Noted the guest or he fears that an infringement is nevertheless carried out or threatened, he is obliged to inform the operator immediately thereafter.

10. The operator shall be granted by the guest in full by on violation of these regulations and / or illegal use of the wireless terminal by the guest, his family, visitors or other third parties where the guest has access to the WLAN based damage and third party claims, exempted. The exemption extends in particular to costs incurred by the operator in the use and / or their defense.

11. The guest / user expressly agrees that link data and times are stored. There are no content stored. This logging is used to represent only security in the legal case.

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